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The Blood Zone

Sep 29, 2019

greetings! on this very chunky special long episode, i rewatched Stanley Kubrick's final film Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and talk about its various allusions and resonances to the modern day hell world we are all trudging through now. turns out there's a lot going on in this film! major spoilers for the entirety of the movie.

hope you enjoy it! i've been much busier this month but hopefully this longer episode makes up for it. stay tuned for a new episode about either music or a game next month.

the Christiane Kubrick interview with The Guardian mentioned at the beginning of the episode is here:

the Tim Kreider piece "Introducing Sociology" i mentioned multiple times in the episode is here:

the song near the beginning is "Frontier" by Holly Herndon from her 2019 album PROTO:

the song at the end is "Taman Shud" by The Drones:

the intro song, as always, is "Museum of Agony" from the game Stretch Panic by Norio Hanzawa