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The Blood Zone

Jan 12, 2020

 welcome back, universe!
on this episode i talk with David Stockdale of the Youtube channel Nightmare Masterclass about the disturbing fake videogame let's play/video art project/internet sensation Petscop. what is it? what distinguishes it from other creepypasta internet horror videos? is it a commentary on the commodification of children as marketing demographic and childhood nostalgia? (yes, it is). anyway, you can listen to me talk about this to David, who has made several lengthy and in-depth videos on the Petscop series on his youtube channel Nightmare Masterclass
hope you enjoy it! sorry it's taken forever to get up an episode - was busy with other stuff at the end of last year, and it takes a long time to edit these episodes! lol. i'll probably continue this trend of uploading episodes more gradually.
you can watch the Petscop series here:
and follow the creator Tony on twitter here:
David's Nightmare Masterclass videos on Petscop can be found here:
and you can follow David on twitter here:
here's an old youtube playthrough of Tony's game "Nifty":
samples taken from the video intro of the Nightmare Masterclass series on Petscop, and various videos in the Petscop series, including the tracks "school", "explore", "explore-min" and others from the Petscop soundtrack:
the intro song, as always, is "Museum of Agony" from the game Stretch Panic by Norio Hanzawa