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The Blood Zone

May 27, 2020

greetings and apologies for the time between episodes! the music industry (among with many other creative industries) facing a severe downturn because of the recent pandemic and the general deluge of traumatic news has made me reflect more on smaller, more understated artistic triumphs as an antidote.

so this episode i escape the present by talking about some timeless music from the recent past: the unassuming yet grandiose singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia, and particularly her (in my opinion) best albums The Blackened Air and Run To Ruin.


things discussed in the podcast:

Chris Dahlen's Pitchfork review of The Blackened Air: and Run To Ruin:

John Peel archive video on Nina Nastasia:

Electrical Audio "Crap/Not Crap" thread on Nina Nastasia:

Nina Nastasia's music on the dreaded Spotify:

recent track featuring Nina Nastasia:

Phosphorescent "Been So Long" cover:


music included in this episode:

"Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John (2006)

by Nina Nastasia:

"Oblivion" and "Roadkill" from Dogs (2000) 

"This Is What It Is", "Rosemary", and "Been So Long" from The Blackened Air (2002)

"Superstar", "We Never Talked", "I Say That I Will Go", "You Her and Me", and "On Teasing" from Run To Ruin (2003)

"Our Day Trip" from On Leaving (2006)

"Outlaster" from Outlaster (2010)


title music as always is "Museum of Agony" from the PS2 game Stretch Panic by Norio Hanzawa