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The Blood Zone

Jan 24, 2021

go to 10:24 to skip my long-winded intro

hi folks! it's 2021 now, i guess. and all the time i spent inside with anxiety over the past year has made me far more aware of how much i'm rapidly aging into irrelevance... perfect time for my 33 year old self to get back into the Cinderella story of a bunch of middle aged guys with families who hit the big time from the city of Dayton in my home state of Ohio.... Guided By Voices. specifically i focus on what i consider to be the strangest and most unique album of their catalog, 1993's Vampire on Titus.

i also go over why i fell out with GBV over the years after my intense fandom of them in my late teens, my issues with the GBV fandom (aka cult), and the (many) things i feel like nuGBV has lost compared to the classic 90's lo-fi albums.

here's a list of things referenced in this episode:

Nuggets compilation:,_1965%E2%80%931968

info on Record Clubs:

Scat Records:

Closer You Are: The Story of Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices:

Self-inflicted Aural Nostalgia podcast episode on Vampire on Titus:

Penny Fractions newsletter:

Future of Music Coalition:

Liz Pelly:



all songs used in this episode are by Guided By Voices:

"Club Molluska" from Same Place The Fly Got Smashed

"Dusted" from the Fast Japanese Spin Cycle EP

"Motor Away" from the Crying Your Knife Away live album:

"No. 2 in the Model Home Series" from Vampire on Titus

"Donkey School" from Vampire on Titus

"Wondering Boy Poet" from Vampire on Titus

"'Wished I Was A Giant'" from Vampire on Titus

Tim Heidecker on GBV:

"The Best of Jill Hives" from Earthquake Glue

"Expecting Brainchild", "Superior Sector Janitor X", "Dusted", "Marchers in Orange", "Sot", "World of Fun", "Jar of Cardinals" "E-5", "Gleemer (The Deeds of Fertile Jim)", "What About It", and "Non-Absorbing" from Vampire on Titus

"Don't Stop Now" from King Shit & The Golden Boys

"Superior Sector Janitor X" (again)

"The Old Grunt" from Mag Earwhig!

"The Weeping Boogeyman" from Universal Truths and Cycles

"Ambergris" from Same Place the Fly Got Smashed

"Pendulum" from Same Place the Fly Got Smashed