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The Blood Zone

Aug 17, 2021

writer and academic Alex Ross (@Alexrosswrites) returns for part two of our examination of the indie game world via a few documentaries. this time we cover the post-indie boom, aka the  time of the "indiepocalypse" and beyond from 2015 till today. first we look at the depressing vanity project/indie survival story...

Jun 4, 2021

hey everyone! for the 10th episode i've brought game academic and writer Alex Ross on board for part one of a punishingly long journey relitigating all the ridiculous things of independent game development scenes past via a few documentaries.

the three we talked about today are: the famous commercial for the indie game...

Jan 24, 2021

go to 10:24 to skip my long-winded intro

hi folks! it's 2021 now, i guess. and all the time i spent inside with anxiety over the past year has made me far more aware of how much i'm rapidly aging into irrelevance... perfect time for my 33 year old self to get back into the Cinderella story of a bunch of middle aged guys...