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The Blood Zone

Jun 4, 2021

hey everyone! for the 10th episode i've brought game academic and writer Alex Ross on board for part one of a punishingly long journey relitigating all the ridiculous things of independent game development scenes past via a few documentaries.

the three we talked about today are: the famous commercial for the indie game scene "Indie Game The Movie", the obscure cult recruitment video "Us and the Game Industry", and the goofy 2010 time capsule "Get Bonus: The Movie"

make sure to keep your ears peeled for a bonus mini-essay i wrote for the episode at the end. you can find the text of it here:

stay tuned for a part 2 where we look at a few documentaries that are little bit more recent!

Alex Ross's twitter:

Indie Game: The Movie:

Indie Game: The Movie Vimeo shorts:

review on about Indie Game: The Movie (i erroneously said it was reviewed by Ebert himself, but it was reviewed by Odie Henderson):

My (archived) Indie Game: The Movie review on the now defunct Midnight Resistance website:

Soulja Boy provides his thoughts on Braid:

Us and the Game Industry trailer: (you can watch it for free on

Stephanie Beth (director)'s Gamasutra page:

GET BONUS: The Movie (youtube reupload):

tim rogers's current youtube channel:

music used:

"Downstream" by Shira Kammen, and "Lullabye Set" by Shira Kammen and Pam Swan, featured in the game Braid (2008)

"Asobi", "The Drifting/I Don't Wanna Be With You" and "Sabaku" by the Zazen Boys, featured on their album "4" and also in GET BONUS